gCLUTO - Graphical Clustering Toolkit

History of Changes

Ver: 1.0, 11/27/03
  • Reorganized Project Directories.
  • Files are deleted when corresponding items are deleted from project.
  • Long operations done in a background thread.
  • Importing tab, space, etc. delimited files into projects.
  • Exporting data/solution matrix to tab delimited files.
  • Exporting Solution Report to HTML file.
  • Solution columns in Data View.
  • Sorting in Data View.
  • External Clustering Quality Statistics in Solution Reports.
  • Right click information in Matrix Visualization.
  • Matrix Visualization labels stretch with available space.
  • "View All Objects" and "View Only Clusters" added to Matrix Visualization.
  • Mini-Solution Report in Mountain Visualization.
  • Printing Matrix and Mountain Visualizations to printers and files.
Ver: 0.5, 2/17/03
  • Initial alpha release.