mtmetis_nd - consistent results and robustness

Will mtmetis_nd() provide the same reordering on different numbers of threads?

And how mature is this? We are considering tying it into a commercial application currently using Metis/ParMetis and concerned about robustness.

RE: The coarsening in mt-metis is

The coarsening in mt-metis is non-deterministic with multiple threads, and as such reorderings will differ between successive runs (even with the same number of threads and random seed).

The current version of mt-metis (0.4.4) should still be considered experimental at this point (i.e., I advise not linking a commercial application to it yet). I am currently working on improving the stability of the codebase, and will hopefully release a "mature" version later this fall. The API interface will likely to change to mimick that of Metis.

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