Is the 64bit library available?

Dear Sirs,

I use hMETIS in my research since 1999.
hMETIS is very useful and powerful.
Because of hMETIS, I am very happy to do my research.

Now, I have larg problem instance to solve and I buy a very power computer to use.
Our program can be recompiled for x86-64, but I can link it with hMETIS.
Because hMETIS is an 32-bit library, I only use the standalone executable file, shmetis.
If the 64 bit library is available, I can do our research more well.

Will you have the plan to release the 64 bit library?

Best Regards
Guang-Wan Liao

RE: The 2.0pre1 release of

The 2.0pre1 release of hmetis contains 64 bit stand-alone programs. It does not yet contain libraries as I have not had a chance to update the manual.

RE: Re: Is the 64bit library available?

Hi Karypis lab,

I'm eager to try out the hmetis, but I have the same question as the above - do you have a 64 bit version of the library availabe for linux? I am running 64-bit ubuntu and I am having compatibility issues while linking.



RE: Hi I need to use hmetis for


I need to use hmetis for Chameleon clustering algorithm. I have linking problem with the library. Is the 64 bit version available?