hMetis for Visual Studio 2005

I am unable to use hMetis windows library using Visual Studio 2005. It seems that the hMetis library was compiled with 2003 visual studio. If its not much of trouble can the lab please release the hMetis library with the new compiler.


RE: Sandeep, I'm working on the


I'm working on the 2.0 release of hmetis, which should be able to support VS 2005.
There should be something available within a few weeks.

RE: hmetis for Visual Studio.Net 2005 or ...2010


I tried to add hmetis library - libmetis.lib - to my project which run on Visual C++.Net2010,
but I can't, since its compiled using VC++ or Visual studio 2003, as said in a thread in your forum.
Is there a possibility to compile this library using 2010 or 2005, no problem?
I would be grateful, if you release another version for our new compiler..