Max graph size

What is the max graph size on which Metis (k-metis) can run?
I am getting a out of memory error on running a large graph (with a million nodes) my personal machine having a ram size of 2gb.
Is this expected?
I know max input size will depend on machine configuration but is there a known limit on the max size of graph to run kmetis on a machine with normal configuration.
Are there any parameters which may optimize the algorithm for large size graphs?

RE: The limits depend on the

The limits depend on the architecture and available memory. The 4.0 is limited by 32 bit integers, whereas 5.0 can be compiled for 64 bit support. Besides that, the maximum size of the graph will depend on the number of edges and not so much the number of vertices.

RE: Max Graph

Hello, is there a "rule of thumb" to determine the total amount of memory required to partition
a graph with N nodes where each node has exactly K edges (N is in the order of millions and K is 18)?
If I use ParMetis may I assume that the total amount of memory is roughly divided by the number of processors?
Thanks in advance,