Metis results differ on Xeon (32 bits) and AMD (64 bits) with a same mesh


I have a C++ code for mesh splitting (using function METIS_PartMeshDual) which has worked fine on an old RH Linux Xeon machine. Trying to port it to a SUSE linux AMD machine, I got segmentation fault error at some point of the code after the function call. Oddly, using a same mesh, the resulting number of edgecuts from the function call differed from the run on the Xero machine. The mesh calculation on Xeon was completed fine.

For your information, the test mesh type was tetrahedron of cell count 203,040 and vertex count 40,565. On either machines, GNU C compiler (cc) was used to build the Metis-4.0 library. The size of the mesh does not seem to concern the 64 bit issue. I went ahead to test with the build of Metis-5pre2 anyway. It did not help. In fact, the run even died (segmentation fault) at the function call to METIS_PartMeshDual.

Any comment is appreciated.

RE: The differences in the

The differences in the partitions are due to differences on the random number generator.
Can you post the input graph for which Metis-5pre2 fails along with the parameters that it fails for.