File header of libmetis.lib?

i'm developing(on Windows with Visual Studio 2008) a application that should be use the hmetis library interface. I downloaded the binary distribution of metis and i founded the file libmetis.lib. I found in the manual that the are two exported function HMETIS_PartRecursive and HMETIS_PartKway, but to use them i need a .h file(for example a libmetis.h) with the definition of this two functions. Anyone can help me?

RE: I have no experience of

I have no experience of using HMETIS. But I used to work with VS 2005.

For Visual C++, in addition to including the header file, you should also add the library file, libmetis.lib here, into the project such that the linker can find it.

I hope this can help.


RE: I don't find the file

I don't find the file libmetis.lib and libmetis.h, can you help my to find them
there aren't in

RE: You may build the library by

You may build the library by downloading the source code package and creating a project with VC 2005 to generate the library for Windows systems.