Contiguous parts

How to use options[METIS_OPTION_CONTIG]
in order to obtain contiguous parts?

RE: contiguous parts

I think the problem is solved. I used the option options[METIS_OPTION_PTYPE] = METIS_PTYPE_KWAY; with METIS_PartMeshDual and I get contiguous partitions. I will try more examples.
Thank you.

RE: Which partitioning routine

Which partitioning routine are you using? The contig is only applicable to k-way partitioning and not recursive bisectioning.
Can you post the code fragment in which you set the options and call Metis?

RE: divided partitions

I am using this options and the partitions are still divided



(Look at page 22 in Metis' manual.)

RE: Contiguous parts

I am using options[METIS_OPTION_CONTIG] = 1; and the partitions are still divided.