How to get information regarding the rows that are forming a cluster

Dear all,

I am an agricultural graduate. Personally i am trying to learn data warehousing and data mining for my research. In my research, I have taken a set of advices and derived keywords. Then each row in the matrix file indicates an advice and column represents the no. of the times a particular keyword has arrived in that advice.

During clustering, I am providing matrix file, row file and column file. When clustering is done on advices, clusters are formed. But the problems are as follows:

1. Clusters are formed, no. of rows or adivces in each cluster are shown. But How to know, what are the rows or advices are existing each cluster?

That is, I need to create a txt file with clusterID name and data regarding the advices that are clustered in to it are shown be written.

2. The total keywords selected i.e. no. of columns are 1000. So even when i am using plottree or plotcluster with gif. I am getting deriving a very small think image. Is their a way to give height and width of the image that is being creation. (I searched the cluto help file, but i am unable to get this).

So kindly provide me the information.

RE: For the 1st question, Cluto

For the 1st question, Cluto generates a clustering file that maps the rows to the various files. You will need to process this file to get the assignment of rows to clusters.

For the 2nd question, there is no way to change the size of the image.