hMETIS - Hypergraph & Circuit Partitioning

History of Changes

Ver: 2.0pre1, May 25, 2007
  • A new set of coarsening schemes that lead to better and more stable cuts.
  • Better refinement routines for circuits with non-unit cell weights.
  • Floating point numbers for cell and net weights.
  • Support for 64bit architectures.
  • KPM-based k-way refinement routines.
  • Changed the way Vcycle refinement is used.
  • Redesigned the command-line interface for GNU-like argument passing.
  • Fixed various bugs.
Ver: 1.5.3, November 22, 1998
  • Added an option to khmetis and HMETIS_PartKway that allows the partitioning algorithms to optimize the sum-of-external-degrees instead of the hyperedge cut.
  • Fixed some bugs introduced with 1.5.1.
Ver: 1.5.2, Septeber 21, 1998
  • Fixed some bugs in the interface of HMETIS_PartRecursive.
Ver: 1.5.1, August 6, 1998
  • Improved the run-time of the partitioning algorithms (a 20-% to 30% speedup).
Ver: 1.5.0, June 23, 1998
  • Improved the quality of the multilevel k-way recursive bisection algorithm.
  • Added a new k-way partitioning code that is based on the multilevel k-way partitioning paradigm. It supports more meaningful balancing constraints when k is relatively large. This is still an experimental feature.
  • Added support for partitioning with "fixed" vertices. The partitioning algorithm can now force user-specified sets of vertices to be placed to user-specified partitions.
Ver: 1.0.3, June 6, 1998
  • Improved the partitioning quality for hypergraphs with weighted vertices (i.e., circuits with cells have non-unit areas).
Ver: 1.0.2, March 18, 1998
  • Fixed numerous problems related to fine-grain partitioning. This should eliminate most of the core dumps, especially for hypergraphs with no hyperedges.
  • Modified the I/O routines to handle hypergraphs with many large hyperedges
  • Fixed some problems when too many partitions were asked, and each partition end up having 0 vertices
  • Fixed some bugs in the I/O routines
  • Added support for the g77 compiler under Linux
Ver: 1.0.1, February 12, 1998
  • Added additional quality measures that are reported for k-way partitioning